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AutoCAD & BricsCAD Attribute Block Manager

Material List Pro is a software application designed to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to create part bubbles, material lists, and material reports.

MLP runs within AutoCAD / BricsCAD and is DLL loaded using the NETLOAD command. When commanded, MLP takes control of AutoCAD / BricsCAD and sends a command sequence to create a part bubble or a material list.

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How does it work?

Save Time

Using MLP decreases the time required for tasks associated with creating part bubbles and material lists.

The time required for non-drafting tasks, such as creating invoices, developing estimates, and maintaining a part database, are also significantly decreased by using Material List Pro.

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Increase Accuracy
& Consistency

MLP reduces the potential for errors at several steps in the design and purchasing process. For example, drawing accuracy and consistency between draftsmen improves because draftsmen use an automated tool and they share a common part database.

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Improve Integration

Excel files are automatically created and used for drawing part list data and reports. This means that your data is available as an Excel document at multiple points during the design and purchasing process. The MLP-SQL part database also supports Excel exports and imports.

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AutoCAD / BricsCAD
Attribute Commands

Material List Pro automates the use of attribute block commands. MLP handles the details of executing these commands and processing the extracted data.

Frequently Asked Questions

ATTDEF - Creates an attribute definition for storing data in a block.

ATTEXT - Extracts attribute data, informational text associated with a block, into a file.

ATTREDEF - Redefines an attribute block and updates associated attributes.

ATTSYNC - Applies attribute changes in a block definition to all block references.

EATTEXT - Exports block attribute information to a table or to an external file.

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