Material List Pro is a software application designed to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to create part bubbles, material lists, and material reports.

MLP runs within AutoCAD / BricsCAD and is a DLL loaded using the NETLOAD command. When commanded, MLP takes control of AutoCAD / BricsCAD and sends a command sequence to create a part bubble or a material list.

MLP-SQL provides database tools for maintaining a part database. A wide variety of database formats are supported. Tools are provided for automatically analyzing existing databases and allowing the user to control which database fields are displayed on the search page.

After part data has been entered into a Excel workbook or a database, the data is available for creating a part bubble. The data contained in a part bubble may be customized, but is generally limited to the part number, description, manufacturers part number, and quantity.

Part bubbles are attribute blocks created automatically by double-clicking a part listed on the part list search page. Attributes may be edited using the AutoCAD / BricsCAD ATTEDIT command or with an attribute editor within MLP.

The material list on the drawing is generated from the part bubble attribute data. This material list can be drawn at any time with a single click. The format of the material list can be customized by the user.

When the drawing material list is created, an Excel workbook containing the drawing's part data is also created. This workbook is formatted with worksheet names that match the model space and layout tabs from the drawing. Parts from the various tabs on the drawing are listed on the corresponding worksheet tabs.

Reports are generated from the drawing data of multiple drawings. These reports can be customized, and may include pricing information and other data. Total quantities for the various materials are calculated at this time.

After quantities have been totalized, the material list is sorted by preferred vendor.

With MLP it is possible to create Excel material lists with just a couple of clicks. You can then copy/paste the data into your purchase orders.