There are a wide variety of configuration settings available to the MLP user.

Databases for MLP-SQL:

  • Most SQL database types can be used.
  • Databases can be on the local machine, a network, or a cloud SQL server.
  • If you have an existing part database, it can probably be used with minimal or no changes.

Part Bubble Attribute Blocks:

  • The attributes within a part bubble attribute block can be configured.
  • The user can choose to display an item number or the part number in a part bubble.
  • When using an item in the part bubble, the number can be updated automatically or manually.
  • The user can configure bubble size, line color, text size, text color, and font.
  • The size of the bubble can be controlled using DIMSCALE or a scaling factor.

Material List Configuration Settings:

  • Location
  • Orientation
  • Number of columns
  • Column Widths
  • Data assigned to each column
  • Text size, color, font, etc.


  • Add additional database information such as vendor and pricing to the drawing data
  • Totalize columns that contain pricing or other values such as weight