• Create and insert attribute block part bubbles by selecting a part from the part list.
  • Extract part bubble attribute block data from the part bubbles.
  • Draw a material list on the drawing and create a matching Excel spreadsheet with one click.

Drawing Data

  • Create custom reports such as total cost from the material lists of one or more drawings.

MLP-SQL Database

  • Locate the database on a local computer, network server, web server, or cloud server.
  • Create, edit, or delete part numbers from the database.
  • Export database part numbers to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import new or modified part numbers from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Search the part database using up to four search criteria.
  • Link items in the part database to a documentation library of PDF files and to a web URL.
  • Link items in the part database to a library of AutoCAD blocks.
  • Maintain a project list so that drawings in those projects may be opened quickly and easily.