Part bubbles in modelspace can be associated with a specific layout by using corner markers.

Material from part bubbles within the range of the corner markers will only appear in the material lists of the layouts defined by the extents of the associated corner markers.

This feature makes it very easy to have multiple layouts with a material list on each layout. Item numbers within the model are updated automatically based upon which layout the part bubbles are associated with.

Part list search fields are now ComboBoxes with user defined drop down lists.

A Company ID setting is used so that custom code can be installed for your specific needs. This is useful for such things as calculating total weights or other values when editing quantities in part bubbles. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

The program now supports the use of global and local configuration files. Local configuration files are local to a drawing directory and can be used to override the settings of the global configuration file. This allows program settings to be different from drawing directory to drawing directory as required.