Material List Pro uses an Excel file as a configuration file to control many of the detailed settings such part database location and the details of how to draw the part bubbles and the material list.

You can use a configuration file in two ways:

1. As a global configuration file, it can be used for all projects. It is your default configuration.

2. As a drawing directory configuration file, you would locate the file in a specific sub-directory so that it only applies only to a particular set of drawings (for example \...\AutoCAD_drawings\MLPRO\Config\Config.xls). This type of configuration file is your customized configuration for drawings in that specific directory.

The drawing directory configuration file is the method you would use if you had detail drawings that vary in scaling or other settings.

The program will use the configuration file settings from \...\AutoCAD_drawings\MLPRO\Config\Config.xls to control all operations on the drawings in the \AutoCAD_drawings\ directory.

The creation of the directory is automatic, but the creation of the configuration file is not. If you have a drawing directory configuration file in the drawing sub-directory, it will override the settings in the global configuration file.

The configuration file should not be edited outside of the MLP program.